Friday, October 31, 2014

#88lovelife: THE LAUNCH

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Holaaaaa! Please come meet and greet me and illustrator Dinda Puspitasari and be the first few peeps to purchase my #88lovelife book and have it specially signed by us TOMORROW, November 1st, 2014 at the following venues and times:
  1. International Book Fair (IBF) at JCC Senayan, 2pm - 4pm 
  2. Gramedia bookstore at Grand Indonesia, 5pm - 7pm 
Here, you will also be able to buy our adoooorable limited edition #88lovelife merchandises and take #selfies with us because BEST PHOTO will win the whole set of our #88lovelife merchandises! See you there! :)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Your Fast Food Girl

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Herspot top and hat, Wimen red skirt, Forever 21 yellow skirt, Quay sunglasses, Moschino bag & belt, Up shoes

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

About #88lovelife

I can't believe that it's all happening! And it's happening very fast! :)

So happy about my very first (upcoming) book titled #88lovelife. Thank you, Allah..:)

I've been searching for a publisher who would allow me to make a book my way, not anyone's way, genuinely from my heart and not making it commercial. The Gramedia team has been very very wonderful, giving me all the freedom to just be myself in making the book. Thank you, thank you, thank you..:)

As for the illustrations, they are all done by the talented and humble Dinda Puspitasari who has been the greatest partner ever. She's an awesome girl, you know? Very intelligent, works very fast, cooperative. Love her! :)

The book will inshaaAllah be launched in errr..November, which means in a very few more days aakkkkkk so nervous.

I hope you all will love it and keep my book close to your heart..:)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

#88lovelife: The Book

Everyooooone! Thank you so much if you have been following my latest project, @88lovelife, on Instagram. Today I would like to let you know that #88lovelife is actually a...BOOK! Oh my, who knew I would ever write and launch a book. So happy alhamdulillah...:)

It's a self-motivational book written by myself, collaborating with the talented illustrator, Dinda Puspitasari. I'll share with you further details later on hihi.

 photo k_zpsf9602c6e.jpg

At the moment, the books are still being printed heheh.

 photo kk_zps62093274.jpg

My book will be available in Gramedia and Kinokuniya this November, 2014, and hopefully will hit other bookstores very soon. Do get a copy when my book is out finally out, will you? Yay yay yay! :)

The Escape Hunt

Went for the Escape Hunt challenge this morning together with S, Intan, Dinda and Rudy. It was so fuuuuun that S and I are already making plans to try all of the other challenges they have.

 photo ii_zpsbdcb4599.jpg  photo i_zpse64fdfc2.jpg  photo iii_zps3c7dee68.jpg

I did feel a bit of disconnection between the brief of the challenge and the actual challenge itself. As we went for the "Murder In The Room" game, my mind was set to solving a murder case in a crime scene, just because I am addicted to detective series like that, and perhaps, that was what I wanted to do most - to solve a murder case. But it being an escape game, whatever settings or cases they have are simply just "themes". So I got it all wrong hahaha. I think I was thinking too much, trying to be Sherlock, you see. The whole point is to not solve a case nor find the killer nor investigate how the murder happened, but to simply play along the clues and find your way to escape out of the room.

Nevertheless, it was really really fun. Yay! :)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

What I Wore Today

A quick simple lunch with my parents, hubby and babyyyyyy...:)

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Swans Twenty top and pants, Prada bag, Up sandals

Friday, October 24, 2014

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Moisture White™ Shiso 2 in 1 Brightening Eye Cream

Hello again! I’m back with a beauty product review, this time for The Body Shop’s Moisture White™ Shiso 2 in 1 Brightening Eye Cream.

 photo Untitled-1copy_zps541f9427.jpg

I have puffy eye bags, yes. And not to forget dark circles due to continous lack of sleep. I’ve accepted this and haven’t done anything for a long time, nor do I ever apply a concealer to cover them up. But just one day, finally, I thought to myself, I might look better without these problems.

So, my journey in trying out the Moisture White™ Shiso 2 in 1 Brightening Eye Cream began, a product which claims to brighten and target signs of fatigue around eyes. It is powered by Shiso Complex, a potent combination of Vitamin C, Liquorice and Shiso, some of the best skin-brightening ingredients found in nature.

 photo p_zpscfd56e25.jpg

It’s been 3 weeks since I have used this product. Does it work? Honestly, I think so! When I see myself in the mirror or in photos, the area under my eyes seems less dark now. Puffy still, but brighter. On another note, I am so much loving the cooling sensation it gives. After applying, I feel that the skin around my eyes are fresher and smoother, which does help perk up tired eyes. It also produces a thin layer of shimmer, adding that glowing feel overall. The texture of the cream is great – it feels nourishing yet quickly absorbed by the skin.

 photo pp_zpsef6213a3.jpg

Many people have been asking me on Instagram about my opinion on this product. I say, it works, but one must continuously apply it day and night - every day. I’m definitely gonna keep using this cream for many weeks to come. Yay! :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Walk, Snap, Eat, Laugh

A quick break with S to Singapore while baby spends time with his grandparents...:)

Enjoy our snaps all taken by S! Thanks, hubby! :)

 photo xxx_zps40110467.jpg  photo c_zps3053f09e.jpg  photo b_zpsba2fc05e.jpg  photo zz_zps1b9a7aff.jpg  photo bb_zps5fdbfbb4.jpg  photo v_zps561ad754.jpg  photo xx_zps2d5805a2.jpg  photo z_zps87ba257d.jpg  photo vvv_zps23d75dc1.jpg  photo ccc_zps9a550988.jpg  photo xxxx_zpsf3502eb1.jpg  photo x_zpsa149b20e.jpg  photo vvvv_zps0448e41b.jpg  photo ccccc_zpsf60b278e.jpg  photo xxxxx_zps52b0eab8.jpg  photo zzzz_zps1a878759.jpg  photo zzz_zpsa84470f7.jpg  photo cccc_zpse98ad405.jpg  photo zzzzz_zps4eed842d.jpg  photo cc_zps20d4c157.jpg  photo vv_zps48337dce.jpg

Monday, October 20, 2014


I have come to an understanding that people admire not exactly what you do, but your commitment to do what you do continuously. Because commitment is never easy.
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