Wednesday, September 17, 2014

When Things Hit You

I've been having mixed feelings for the past few days. A lot of things are going on...good things and not-so-good things. Many issues need to be settled, many plans have yet to be realized. I felt really uneasy last night, so I just opened the Quran and started reciting. Alhamdulillah I woke up feeling so much better. Thank you, Allah..:)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Uptown Gladiator

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Asama scarf, Asos sunglasses, Pinfolks Audrey Hepburn brooch, Chanel brooch & bag


Just posted this on my Instagram but I thought it would be fun to share it here too..:)

So here are #20factsabout me:
  1. I'm a tidy and clean freak. I'll only sleep after every part of my house is clean and tidy. 
  2. I love to shop, but I'm also into saving a lot. 60% of my income goes to my savings. 
  3. I'm scared of reptiles, and I hate people who think scaring me with reptiles is funny. 
  4. I'm a punctual person. I feel really guilty when I arrive or attend something late. 
  5. I'm a coffee virgin. I have never drank coffee my whole life. 
  6. I don't smoke nor drink alcohol. 
  7. I love sports so much. I used to play futsal, basketball, badminton, wall climbing. 
  8. I won the wall climbing competition in Universitas Indonesia twice. 
  9. I'm a shy girl when it comes to mingling in events but I'm working on it. 
  10. I'm a workaholic. My brain loves to think and create. 
  11. I used to love driving so much but Jakarta's traffic jam and ill-mannered drivers made me give up driving. 
  12. In school, math was my favorite subject. I joined quite a lot of math olympics but only ended up as a finalist and never won. 
  13. I don't like the education system here in Indonesia. I didn't like my SMP and SMA times. 
  14. I love sushis, but only eat the cooked ones. 
  15. I'm a family girl. I do everything for my family. 
  16. I love pink, and yellow, and neon colors. 
  17. Window shopping on furniture and home interior products soothes me. 
  18. I don't cipika cipiki with males. 
  19. I am inspired by kindness. 
  20. Because I believe in kindness. I have practiced to not have hatred inside me and I feel peaceful like that. 

That's it! Yay!  :)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Featured: 90.4 Cosmopolitan FM

This is so funny because I had no idea that they were recording the whole thing on video hahaha. My radio interview for "Fun Fearless Female" a few months ago. Thank you so much for having me, Uchiet! I had fuuuuun! :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Quote of The Day

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People will be mean to you, belittle you, underestimate you, lie to you, hurt you, back-stab you, mock you, doubt you, ignore you, bully you. But kindness, kindness is magic. It turns even the darkest night into the brightest day. Believe in kindness. Spread kindness. Always remember, when they hate you, love them back. ❤️

Chat Over Food

It was a good day meeting up with my friends...yay! Baby S also came along hihih...:)

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